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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Leamington Spa Learn More

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Leamington Spa Learn More

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is short-term goal oriented psychotherapy which is based on the cognitive model, according to which thoughts, behavior and mental health of people all are connected and to treat them first, we have to find a solution which makes us understand the reason behind our unusual thoughts and disturbing behaviors. It works to deal with a person’s anxiety, depression, unusual disrupting thoughts, and alcohol addictions.It is basically a combination of cognitive therapy and behavioral therapy. If a person thinks that nothing in life can be good ever again, and imagines the worst-case scenario of every situation then he needs a cognitive behavioral therapyCognitive-behavioral therapy Leamington spa is proved to be one of the best psychotherapy treatments around the world.


Cognitive behavioral therapy Leamington Spa?

When do you need CBT?


  • If you have a fear of failure and especially fear of facing people whenever you fail. You have a thought that everyone is looking at you and paying attention to you when you have failed in something. Also, if you think that you are measured by your failures.
  • If you consider yourself to be responsible for everything that happens with you or with your surroundings. You always over generalize the things and stop at the conclusion that it was your entire fault. Then you may need a CBT treatment. Psychotherapist in Leamington Spa specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • If you consider that everything in this world is either black or white and there is no between, then this extreme behavior of yours calls for the need to visit a psychotherapist.
  • If you have obsessive compulsive disorder and needs the thing to be at right place all the time, you definitely have something wrong with your behavior and it needs to be checked.
  • If you have trouble sleeping during the day and also at night and suffering from big time insomnia, then you need cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • If you have alcohol addiction or always have an urge to drink or misuse alcohol, also if you are unable to get rid of this addiction then it is the time to visit a psychotherapist. HorizonTherapy is one of the best ways to get rid of all mental health issues.
  • If you have eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia, and you are unable to get rid of the problems then try some treatment.
  • If you suddenly panic in various situations and get fear stuck, consider visiting a therapist.
  • If you have anger management issues, CBT is a good therapy for you.


CBT techniques and who provides CBT in Leamington?


  • The cognitive behavioral technique is much more than just sitting and talking; the sessions involve an understanding of the person’s problems by the therapist and making the client clear about his approach to solving the problems.
  • Journal therapy is used by the therapists to increase awareness and insight, promote change and growth and improvement in general self. By just writing things down, stress and tension are relieved out of the mind and a person generally feels stress-free.
  • Mindfulness-based interventions help people to have a control over their thoughts and don’t let anyone else control your thoughts. One becomes aware of one’s physical, mental and emotional condition of himself and the treatment helps in solving the needs of all health problems.
  •  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy aims at the relaxation of mind, body, and soul.
  • CBT techniques involve social, physical and emotional thinking exercises to make a person aware of his physical, social and emotional needs
  • Many mental health professionals take up cognitive behavior therapy in Leamington Spa as their primary profession. Mental health specialist is a virtuoso in cognitive behavioral therapy.

Generally, a CBT expert should have the following certifications:

  1. Diploma in cognitive- behavioral therapy.
  2. Certified cognitive-behavioral therapist.
  3. Certified cognitive-behavioral group therapist.
  4. Certified cognitive-behavioral group facilitator.


These are the techniques used and qualifications of a CBT expert. Let us have a look at how you benefit from the CBT treatment:

  • Clients understand how to counsel themselves rationally and boost up the confidence to continue to do well. The cognitive-behavioral therapists teach their clients rational self-counseling skills. Now a person thinks more rationally neglecting all the negative thoughts.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy sessions are generally short term. The average number of sessions needed by a person to get completely treated is 16. People may require more than 16 sessions but the average number has come out to be 16.
  • This technique aims at treating the root cause of any disease. It creates long-term benefits and hence the problem gets solved completely.
  • Your belief about yourself changes and you finally start loving yourself and the people around you.
  • You learn to calm down and relax. Your fears of doing everything wrong and being judged by people go away completely and you become a calmer person as a whole.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapies are based on universal laws of human behavior. The focus is on client’s goals and not on the therapist’s goal to treat you.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy sessions are much more than just chat sessions and aim at analyzing and treating the problems of the patients.
  • Your tendency to blame everything on yourself reduces to a very large extent.
  • You tend to see positive outcomes of a situation. You become much more of an optimist and learn to handle all your problems by yourself using more of a positive approach.


You can easily find a perfect cognitive behavioral therapist in Leamington who can change the complete mindset of yours and you will feel better about yourself. We also provide Psychotherapy and Counselling in Leamington spa at affordable and very effective fees. You just need to start the sessions and then leave the further process on your therapist. He will analyze your problem without being judgmental and will find the solution until you feel completely stress-free and good about yourself. Don’t feel ashamed of visiting a psychotherapist, they make you comfortable and the results will definitely amaze you!

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